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We are a non-profit family foundation that is dedicated the growth and evolution of humanity in all ways.

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Meet our Founder, Dr. Ray Faulkenberry, and learn more about the Call Of The Soul's mission to transform the world through business, education, and family. 

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We enhance businesses by helping to train and building a collaborative, creative, and connected team - one person at a time.

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We believe that education starts and ends with connection. Add creativity, engagement, humor, and inspiration and you've hit the jackpot.

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The worlds greatest asset begins and ends with family. We focus on building strong families that are carried into all aspects of life.

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New Releases

A Comprehensive Course that is about The Forgotten Secrets Of Business.
This is for those people who dream of either developing or working in a business that reaches its full potential - in all ways.

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If you've ever felt the need to be engaged, inspired, and entertained while in school.




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Don't be one of those people who retire and think that life is downhill from there.
It is just the beginning as life is only just getting started!



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