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Dr. Ray Faulkenberry is an author, coach, speaker, trainer, and consultant. His Ph.D. in Psychology focused on Communication Theory and Organizational Development. His life experience in business, relationships, education, and living a healthy life is diverse and extensive.

His goal is to help you unlock your INCREDIBLE potential in all facets of your life using a variety of tools and techniques.

Consider partnering with Ray in any number of ways to take your dreams to the next level. Let him and his team help you and your vision achieve your own Call Of The Soul.


5 Symptoms That People Experience When They “Settle”

  1. They have lots of regrets
  2. They feel like they don’t have the time to make the changes they need to 
  3. They spend a lot of time in front of a screen as a form of escape
  4. They feel like every day is Ground Hog Day
  5. They think it’s too late or they’re too old 

If you have EVEN ONE of these “symptoms” you are in a dangerous spot. It’s dangerous because no one - I repeat NO ONE wants to waste their life. The problem is that we’ve actually convinced ourselves of the symptoms that we’ve got.

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“Why Speakers Don’t Succeed…and What To Do About it”


One of the most frustrating things an event organizer can experience is to have someone they’ve hired to be a speaker fall flat. The challenge for people who hire speakers is unless they truly understand the speaker’s philosophy and style, they are basically gambling on if they are going to be successful or not.

It’s important as how many of us have been captive for a long period of time by a speaker with no ability to hold their audience? I can only think of a few speakers who were truly valuable speakers.

Only a few?

I’ll give you a hint.

One of the questions people who hire speakers might and probably should ask would be something that to me is self-evident in so many areas.

Is the speaker engaging? What does that even mean?

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 How to Get Build An Incredible Organizational Environment in 90 Days OR LESS  With This Simple, GUARANTEED System


I guess I should qualify that because, well, it sounds a little too good to be true. And you know what they say about that…

Let’s break this down a bit, shall we?

Training is very similar to teaching in that you have certain information and or skills that you someone to not only be aware of but be able to demonstrate consistently. The one difference between the two might be that in teaching, at least in traditional education, most teachers and professors only wanted their students to know. Most weren’t concerned necessarily with the doing.

In training, you want the person to not only understand what they are doing and why - you want them to actually be able to do it.

Granted, there are certain fields in our world that you must know what to do. NO ONE wants someone operating on their heart if they were only trained as a draftsman.




How To Get The Most Out Of Your Consultant When You’re Not Sure How

Businesses hire consultants when they get stuck. This 'stuck' usually takes the shape or form of the business isn’t as profitable as they think it should be. It’s easy to tell that you’re just not making enough money.

However, in order to make more money it isn’t just something as simple as selling more or making more calls to get more customers. That is like having your leg cut off at the knee and someone coming along and putting a little bandaid on it.

There has been a trend in organizational development to develop forms, documents, and measurement rubrics to get a better sense of being organized so that the employees can do a more efficient job.

While that may be part of the solution, that is essentially just putting a little bigger bandaid on that leg that was cut off.

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“Why Developing Leaders Doesn’t Usually Work…and What To Do About it”


The first thing that I have found struggling in this area is that the people who are looking to develop leadership don’t define it.

Think about it.

What does LEADERSHIP look like to you?

For many people, it looks like someone stepping up and taking responsibility, being open, and developing responsible people.

Okay. Well, how do you EXACTLY do that?

You see, so many people put out words and while they are powerful and evoke strong images, they don’t really tell us what to do and how to do it when it comes to actually developing leaders.


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