MEPS Coaching Is A MUST For Life Success

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Two People Giving a High Five

In some ways, doesn’t it irk you when someone uses the word ‘must?’

 Another person telling me something else that I MUST have.


 However, before you click to the next 10-second blog, TikTok, or Instagram post, hear me out for THIRTY seconds.

Yep, it won’t take you even that long to catch the essence of this entire post.

 First off, you may ask “What in the heck is MEPS Coaching?”

 Since I only have a few more seconds for my THIRTY seconds, I will simply tell you this.

 All, and yes, I mean ALL problems will stem from one or more of these FOUR key areas.

 Mental, Emotional, Physical, and Spiritual.


Every issue that you can come up with fits into one of these areas.


It’s either something to do with ou2r health in some way, something in the way that we’re thinking, something in the way that we’re feeling emotionally, either with ourselves or our relationships, or we are just not sure where we’re going in life or why.

We're angry at the drop of a hat and sometimes we're not even sure why - we're just pissed.

We're so stressed that we don't even realize that our intense stress level has become OUR NORM! 

We get so busy living our lives, chasing our careers, dollars, the perfect relationship, or the perfect body that we get some stressed out that we lose ourselves, our health, and our sense of direction.

 I’ve worked in a variety of settings that include academia, business, mental health, and yes, even being on board of a church and every problem that people have can be traced to one or more of these key areas.

We start looking for inspiration from people who are not healthy or living a life comparable to ours.

Who am I talking about?

People who follow pro athletes, movie stars, socialites, and recording artists.

These are NOT people that we need to be modeling much of our life after.

Granted, they may have worked hard (or not) to have gotten where they are, and, if they did work hard for what they’ve achieved, that is ONE thing we can emulate - to work hard at something.

But it is not just working hard at something - it’s working hard at something that you have a strong passion for.

Too many people chase a get-rich-quick scheme or expect to be playing pro ball or be picked up by a Hollywood Agent or a Recording Label. 

 This is what I’m talking about.

 Let me ask you a question.

On a scale of 1 to 10 with 1 being the lowest and 10 the highest, how happy are you right now?

 If you said, “6,” do you know why you are not at the next number?

 No matter what number you are at (aside from a 10), do you know exactly why you’re not at the next number?

 IF, and I mean IF getting to the next number means something has to happen OUTSIDE OF YOURSELF, you’ve got another problem.

 This is what confuses so many people. They think if they meet the right person, get the right job, or get the right physique, they’ll be happy. 


 Well, I’ve gone a good minute or so over my time so I’ll leave you with a simple, honest, and from-the-heart gift.

 Drop me a note and I promise to give you a solid hour of my time. I will BUY you a complimentary session to help you discover more about what is holding you back in your own MEPS.

There is no obligation whatsoever.

If we can spend an hour and help you discover some things that take you to the next level, that is SERVICE and that is one of our goals - to serve.

 I am very busy but I know so many people are struggling trying to find that elusive happiness that always seems to be just out of reach.

 I promise you that we’ll laugh, learn, and discover some things that will help you on your path.

You just have not be afraid and be willing to get on a Zoom call with me and share with me what’s happening in your life and we’ll figure out a plan to help you get to that next level or number.

 I’ll even give you the link right here to read a bit about our coaching. At the bottom of the page, you can send me a quick note and we’ll figure out a time, and let’s chat.

 I hope to hear from you soon!

Ray Faulkenberry, Ph.D. Call of The Soul Founder

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