How Do We Evolve As Human Beings...

In Business

In the world of business, there are tons of companies out there that are solely focusing their attention on changing your bottom line, reorganizing your infrastructure, and making you relevant.


While all of these concepts could be very valuable, we at COTS believe that if businesses don’t start with the highest potential model to build our internal community, we will be losing a tremendous amount of value, effectiveness, enjoyment, and overall profitability

This is where COTS shines as we go deeper into the core philosophy of not only connecting with God in business as a vital partner but in each employee living a rich and fulfilling life. Utilizing this overall philosophy, we transform businesses in multiple ways that result in happier, healthier, more creative, and successful individuals. This success explodes the company in ways that they would never have imagined!

A Calling of the Soul: For Businesses

This incredible story takes the reader on an adventure that pulls at the heart as one man searches for answers to questions many of us have about creating a valuable business.

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