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You'll Feel Connected From The Opening Lesson And Video

 as Dr. Ray cuts right to the heart of what each individual AND business needs to get to their full potential!

Business owners and CEOs NEED this course if they truly want to tap into the potential that their company can achieve!

Improve EVERY aspect of your professional life! (The best part - It also transfers into your personal life!)



After Just A Few Of The Lessons...

You’ll develop and improve in many of the following areas:

  • Business Communication.
  • Creativity, collaboration, and connection.
  • How to motivate yourself AND others.
  • Create an environment where employees and customers want to support.
  • The Key to Building Your Business Success AND personal Happiness!



 Each Lesson Contains The Following Key Components:

A Welcome & Key Points Video

It's no fun if you're just taking an academic course and there is NO ONE who personally shares the information. Dr. Ray welcomes you in every lesson and provides a BONUS video detailing key points or stories that drive home the key points!

Downloadable Worksheets

Worksheets are provided that allow you to follow along in the lesson and they provide space for the exercises and brainstorming that you will do in each lesson.

Key Points in Each Concept

Each key concept is explained in detail and how it applies to your overall professional goals. What is of EXTRA VALUE is that Dr. Ray provides details of the concepts that you can also transfer into your personal life as well!

Exercises & Activities To Stimulate Change

Information is good. Knowledge is good. APPLIED INFORMATION AND KNOWLEDGE ARE INCREDIBLE! In EVERY lesson you will be asked to reflect on key concepts and how they can benefit you going forward! 


You’re just a few steps away from a happier and more fulfilled life. Join today with a money-back guarantee!


20 Lessons That Will Change Your Life!

I've poured my heart and soul into these lessons and know that they will make a HUGE difference in your business, career, and personal life helping you achieve a new level of success you've never dreamed of.  

If you take these lessons to heart AS I'VE INTENDED, they will change your life in ways that you have never dreamed of!

Business Success, Personal Success, Improved business environment, increased bottom line, creativity, and collaboration are yours - if you're willing to do the work.


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Dr. Ray is one of the best teachers I've ever experienced! He's really caring and so understanding about what's going on in the world. This course is a 10/10! I recommend ANY of his courses.  -M. Callahan


 Such wisdom and compassion for people and the process of living a better life -both personally and professionally! The course is nothing short of AMAZING! -R. Hunter

Just a great teacher! He's a very helpful and understanding person and his course provides SO MUCH INFORMATION and is easy to learn. Focus on the content, the exercises, and the stories that he shares and you won't be disappointed! - R. Hamid


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The course will change the way you look at your career, business, and your life - if you give it a chance and you're willing to go deep to discover Your Hidden Secrets!