How Do We Evolve As Human Beings...

In Education?

Most K-12 teachers have a teaching credential, that much we know. Did you know that the VAST majority of teachers are not taught ANYTHING about how to connect, inspire, empower, and teach resilience, and self-efficacy? 

A scarier fact is 99.9% of all COLLEGE teachers HAVE ZERO training in ANY type of teaching pedagogy. They are hired strictly by their degree! (minimum qualifications).

We have to commit ourselves to moving beyond our simple roles as “content providers” by sharing the love and guidance that our students want and need. The same love that God and Jesus show us every day.


How do we do that? 


We must be willing to go deep within and REMEMBER the love that we have been given to us and share it so others can discover their own gifts.

A Calling of the Soul: For Educators

Rebecca McIntyre is a high school teacher that is searching for a deeper connection with her students and life. A mysterious man puts her on a fascinating adventure to find her answers.

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