Move It Or Lose It

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Move It Or Lose It


A term that has seemingly been around forever and that most of us have heard thousands of times, move it or lose it is a staple that reverberates in our mind about the important concept of exercise. 

What is amazing to me is that when I was a kid, yes way, way back in the day, we never worried about not moving it as we kids were always running around. Most of us could not wait to get out for recess, P.E., and then playing anything after school. 

Move it or lose just didn’t apply to us. 

Things have changed for many if not most of the population.

Statistics have consistently born out that kids don’t move as much as they use to. I can see why with the inculcation of having access to a computer and video games. My kids were, in some ways, a product of this generation in that we started them on educational video games before they were old enough to even start school. However, that fueled a joy in the concept of video games itself, and while my daughter never got much into it, my son did.

We were fortunate as it didn’t interfere with their school.

Back to our topic though.

Statistics bear out that kids, teens, and even adults are not as healthy as previous generations.

It’s not just video games.

It’s lifestyle that revolves around choices.

Granted, there are so many distractions and most people are juggling multiple plates as they navigate relationships, school, work, family, health, and their future.

However, when I personally think of the term move it or lose it, I not only think about moving my body but also my mind and heart as well.

And no, I’m not just talking heart as in aerobics although that has its own value. 

I’m talking about moving as it relates to being in a healthy social environment.

I’m talking about moving as it relates to keeping my mind sharp, active, and able to think quickly and clearly.

I’m talking about moving it as it relates to furthering my professional aspirations. And yes, this is important even though I am sixty-two years old as there are a LOT of things I want to do professionally still.

Ray, you’re sixty-two. Aren’t you getting ready to retire?

While I am approaching what many would be seeing as my retirement years, and yes, I am looking forward to stepping away from teaching college so much, I am still looking to develop companies, ideas, projects, and fun concepts that I can enjoy, build, and profit from.

One of the scariest things, for me at least, is when I hear of people who retire and then they literally sit around and do nothing at all. 

They don’t exercise, walk, visit, learn, or strive to achieve anything else. It’s like they’ve turned off their engine.

I am stating right out front that I hope and pray that there is never a time that I don’t have something fun I’d like to build, write, create, or experience.

When I am not able to do anything, then it may indeed be time for me to step off from this adventure and look to the next.

Until then, I am moving in as many ways as I can and having a blast doing it.

I invite you to join me! 


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