Nov 20, 2022
Child being amazed by a floating feather



One of the best things I can remember about being a little kid was the concept of wonder.  Not WANDER as is lost but wonder as a feeling of surprise mingled with admiration, caused by something beautiful, unexpected, unfamiliar, or inexplicable. What feels somewhat sad is that as I have gone through the years, I seem to experience that sense of wonder less.

It isn’t then a surprise that we experienced this unique concept as small children as so many things were unfamiliar, and not knowing how things worked or were formed, easily explained. One of the ways that I have cultivated this sense of wonder is by challenging existing beliefs and actually entertaining other explanations for things.

For instance, there are some amazing videos that seem to contradict the theory of gravity. Instead of this concept of gravity, they discuss and demonstrate density and buoyancy. While it sounds incredibly comical to think the world is flat, if you do some research you will find a TON of videos, explanations, and demonstrations that actually are fascinating and makes you wonder if we actually live on a wrong sphere or not. Places like https://theflatearthsociety.org/home/ or https://www.youtube.com/c/FlatEarthOfficial I find this absolutely FASCINATING and while I personally do not know, that sense of wonder after watching the demonstrations bring back that sense of wonder.

We as adults get so caught up in what we deem are the facts that we don’t often experience that sense of unfamiliarity, unexpectedness, and inexplicableness.

One of the best ways to at least get a peak at what wonder looks like is to watch little kids.           

They are so often in a state of wonder and it looks amazing to me. Watching and witnessing other cultures is another way, we as adults, may get a chance to experience them. 

Personally, I find when I immerse myself in something like the forest, a walk along the beach, listening and thinking about the amazing complexity of art or music, it takes me to another time and space that I love.

The joy of discovery with a mindset that is tied to wonder, appreciation, and beauty. 

A perfect example of this is to take a walk, but leave your cell phone at home. While on the walk, meander through a park and look up. Hopefully, you’ll be stimulated by the trees, sky, clouds, the sounds of movement, the wind, children playing, and birds chirping. 

Take it all in with a mindset that doesn’t analyze.

Consider the millions of things that went into creating what you are experiencing in these moments.

I have found that if I cultivate and desire that feeling of wonder, I am more open to questioning things that may or may not be true. Not knowing is sometimes an amazing feeling, especially if you’re questioning things that you’ve grown up with that just might not be true.

Be open to the concept of wonder as incredible as science can be, there is still so very much that we don’t know, and that sense of wonder is one of the true gifts that we can enjoy at any age - if we allow it.

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