Vegetables - A Lesson Beyond Eating

#educational strategies #family habits #parenting tips #success tips #weird managment tips #working tips Feb 01, 2023

Hello Everyone!

Many people hear the word 'vegetable' and immediately think of dieting, the healthy nutrients involved, and generally the concept of eating.

However, the lesson I learned about vegetables goes far beyond the painful process my parents endured in trying to get me to eat my vegetables as a kid! 

You see, I didn't like vegetables and so I avoided and did all I could to not eat them. 


Because they didn't taste good and I didn't like them!

However, the lessons I learned as it relates to business, education, and how we interact with each other went far beyond the simple lessons of eating nasty vegetables as a kid.

Think about this: How do I get (insert employee, student, family member, friend) to do something that may not be fun, but is amazingly good for them?


This concept is worth the price of admission if you're willing to be creative in how you structure your company, conversations, and classrooms/training areas.

Don't believe me?

Ask and let's have a conversation! 

Wishing you the best in all ways!

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