The Value Of Teddy Bears (Not Just For Kids)

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Teddy Bears


I would imagine that most of us, at least when we were young, had some sort of stuffed animal that we were fond of. While I am sure I had one, I actually don’t remember it. I shared this with my wife when we first got together, and her being the incredible seamstress/sewer that she is, she made me a large stuffed bear.

I remember it so very well as I named him Ferdinand.

Why Ferdinand?

I honestly have no clue!

However, I loved this big, stuffed, tan-colored bear. It was very comforting to curl up with the gift that was made for me by someone that would become the most important human relationship in my life. 

I still have this bear almost forty years since it was made for me

Granted, it is much worse looking than it was when it was made for me but it is a reminder of many things.

However, before we get too far ahead of my point, I want to share that teddy bears are a wonderful developmental tool for kids. They help stimulate imagination and can be a wonderful imaginary friend through a child’s early years. They can be used as role-playing in a child’s developmental process regarding emotions, morals, and communication.

But what about adults?

Interestingly, having a teddy bear as an adult can have its own benefits. 

Psychologists believe that stuffed animals indicate a type of ‘homey’ feeling, and snuggling up with them can be very healing. It is a type of self-care as it holds a sentimental value in our lives.

Don’t believe me?

I remember being in church many years ago and we held a Teddy Bear Drive. The congregation was asked to bring in a new Teddy Bear and hold it during the service. At the end of the service, we were directed to place the bears in an area where they would be distributed to the organization we were holding the drive for. 

As the service began, the facilitator of the drive asked all of us who had brought the Teddy Bears to hold them in our laps during the service, and when we felt like it, to give the Teddy Bears love. What was fascinating to watch were the people who periodically pulled the Teddy Bears close to their chests and held them tight.

This was fascinating.

What it showed me was that no matter what our age, there is something almost magical in witnessing people sit with Teddy Bears. 

It is easy to imagine a small child being comforted by a favorite plush toy - their Teddy Bear companion.

I found that I thoroughly enjoyed having that Teddy Bear sitting on my lap for that church service. I probably pulled it into my chest a half-dozen times as I felt that comfort, warmth, and warm thoughts of what this bear would hopefully bring to a waiting child.

My heart warms when I think about the loving gift my wife made for me all those years ago and I realize that we’re NEVER too old to enjoy a Teddy Bear.

We just may not want to bring it to work with us very often. ;-)

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