The Road Most Traveled

divergent thinking growth mindset success mindset successful ways of thinking May 01, 2022
The Road Most Traveled
Most of us have heard of the phrase "The Road Less Traveled." It's a beautiful phrase about walking your own path, independent of other people's pressures and finding what is essentially your best self. (It's also a great book! )
Therefore, one might naturally assume that the Road Most Traveled is one that most everyone takes.
The point I want to make very quickly is that all us take many of the latter roads. We must acquiesce in many ways - and that's not a bad thing!

What makes it bad is when we don't think critically for ourselves and we just go along with the consensus because someone told us to walk down that road. It may be someone or some source that we deem creditable like a professor, teacher, mentor, or a magazine or blog that we trust. The big takeaway is that we do walk with others in many ways and it's a GREAT THING.
We just want to make sure that we're walking that way after looking carefully at the ramifications of walking on that road.

Have we thought about how it might affect our life in the short, medium, and long term?

Have we thought about how it might affect our relationship with those closest to us?
Are we prepared to not only defend our position with logic, are we prepared to hear ANOTHER PERSON'S LOGIC that may be contrary to our own?

In summary, I think that if we use the 'road' metaphor, then we must realize that we take all kinds of roads, highways, freeways, and dirt paths. What matters is are we looking closely and carefully not only on the type of road we're traveling, but are we looking closely at the reasons why we're traveling that particular path?

If we begin to look closely, I think you might find that if we're become more self-aware and focusing on becoming the best person we can be, we'll discover that the roads are various, challenging, and a great opportunity to whet our evolving sense of self in the fire that is simply existing.

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