The Future - The Good and The Bad

#anxiety tips #career tips #family health #management tips #mental health tips #stress managment Mar 22, 2023

Hey Everyone!

The last few seconds got cut off but that's okay as the gist of the message is still so relevant! 

The future is definitely FULL OF POSSIBILITIES and it is wonderful to plan for an exciting and successful life and future. 

However, what happens to the majority of people is they focus so much on the future, their career, their relationship, their financial stability, and the stress and state of the world that it ends up creating consistent and chronic stress. This stress takes the shape of ANXIETY.

For a lot of people, they can't even pinpoint the exact cause of the anxiety and stress. It is why the most common diagnosis of anxiety is GAD (Generalized Anxiety Disorder). When the general stress of day-to-day living can interfere with your happiness and functioning, thinking about the future can be counterproductive.

Do I want you to envision an amazing future?

Of course!

Don't forget to enjoy, relish, and celebrate the moment though!

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