Mirrors - More Valuable Than You Think!

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Man looking in a mirror


Mirrors are something that we have grown accustomed to and use for a variety of reasons. Most of us have a morning routine that probably involves the mirror as we brush our teeth, style our hair, and apply makeup if that is something that we do. In fact, we often catch ourselves as we walk by a store window and catch the reflection of what we see and sometimes we pause to check ourselves out.

How do I look?

Am I looking good?

One of the questions that one might consider concerning mirrors is not what we see when we’re looking at the reflection, but what might the world be seeing when they look at us?

This is an interesting viewpoint to consider because how we think the world sees us may be very different than the way it actually does.

Well, how would we know?


Be willing to ask.

Let me say right up front that this may be a lot easier in theory than in practice in that, number one, are you willing to ask those who really know you how you may come across to them and the world? Number two, will your friend be willing to share with you their honest experience of how you come across?

Some people may say something to the effect of ‘I really don’t care what people think of me.’ 

I get that.

In some ways, we want to be so secure in who we are that we really don’t care what people think about us.


We want to be ‘so secure’ that we don’t care about what our husbands, wives, kids, parents, and closest friends think about us.

Is that really secure or something else?

I think there is great value in thinking about what we are putting out to the world. Said another way, there is great value in looking at what we are reflecting to the world.

For instance, I want to reflect to the world concepts that I think are very important. 

For me, there are a few. I want to reflect that first and foremost, I care about the world and the people in it. 

Secondly, I want to reflect to the world that I am so very appreciative of the things I’ve had in my life - both good and bad. I make sure I put both of these categories in there because I am appreciative of all of the incredible lessons I’ve learned and many of those lessons came from experiences that were not fun.

I also want to reflect that I want to have fun and that I enjoy a good time. 

Now, I understand that having a good time can mean a lot of things to a lot of different people and that definition can include a lot of ‘ways’ to have fun. However, for me, fun is about laughter, socializing with people I care about, enjoying a great meal, and knowing that we as a group had fun spending time with each other.

Mirrors and reflecting.

What do you think you are reflecting to the world? 

Would the world agree with you?

Would you like to add, delete, or modify what you are reflecting?

It’s a worthy thought to consider if you catch my reflection! ;-)

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