Clouds Are A Tool For Mental Health?

Dec 27, 2022



So many things in the world are easy to dismiss and not really notice.


Because, we all seem to have so much going on that it is hard to keep the plates that we have spinning in the air, and to take on even one more thing - even something as simple as clouds, can just be that one more thing that we can’t stop and think about.

Let’s just pause for a moment as we reread what you just read above. 

We ALL seem to be so busy, keeping so many things going from relationships, to work, to our health, fitness, diet, social life, etc… that it is hard to stop and look at something that most of us have taken for granted.

Clouds are beautiful.


Well, the science reason says that this is because the tiny droplets scatter more sunlight. Large droplets allow more sunlight to pass through, which is typically why it's lighter during the biggest downpour in a thunderstorm, rather than the darkness we experience during the cloudy portion of the storm.

Hmmm… Maybe.

Others say things like clouds scatter light and paint the sky in varied colors. Some associate clouds with dreams, illusions, and mystery, while others relate them to inspiration, high spirits, and height. It is interesting how they represent so many different emotions or states of mind.

To me, and maybe I’m just a fluffy, spiritual guy but I always think of clouds as God doing some painting. 

In some paintings, it looks like he’s just cleaning his brush and getting all the excess white paint off. Sometimes there is a little more detail and I imagine him being a little more precise and intentional in his cloud paintings. Other times, when I’m seeing multiple colors against a backdrop of a sunset or sunrise, it causes me to stop and marvel and the detailed beauty in this painting.

I must admit though, that I find clouds somewhat of a mystery and I wonder if there is any significance to them or are they just an aspect of nature. Regardless, I find that when I take the time to look up and view the clouds, I feel a deep sense of appreciation for all of the absolutely amazing things in this world that I, for so long, have taken for granted. 

I have begun to pause every day that I go for a walk and look up at the clouds. I quickly think even before my eyes hit the celestial ceiling what did God paint today?

When I bring my mind to a place that looks to appreciate and enjoy the beauty that is ALWAYS around us, I always feel better and more connected to people, the earth, and the Divine Creator.

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I guess my thought for all of us is to not get so busy in the fast-paced nature that is our lives that we don’t stop to enjoy the masterpieces that surround us.

There are literally everywhere - if we’re willing to look.

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