Climb The Mountain

#growth mindset #happiness tips #healthy family habits #learning mindset #mental health tips #personal growth #success mindset #success tips Jun 26, 2023

This short little video (sorry for the duplicate beginning/opening) is about "Climbing The Mountain."

No, I'm not talking about actually climbing a mountain although that would create its own adventure though, wouldn't it?

I'm talking about GROWING.

I'm talking about taking a path that moves us forward even though it may sometimes take us on a journey that seems like we're losing ground. 

The other part of climbing a mountain is who are we climbing with.

Are we going with people we care about? 

Are we seeing people on the path and trying to convince them that our path is best?

If they don't agree with us, how do we treat them?

Climbing the Mountain is a metaphor for going through life. 

We can look at it from a business lens, a family lens, a learning lens, a relationship lens, and a spiritual/religious lens. 

The lenses are ENDLESS.

However, if we remember that our goal in life is to reach the top of the mountain, as long as we never stop ascending and doing our best, and STRIVING NOT TO HURT ANYONE, maybe the path we take may not seem so important as long as we keep in mind that our goal is to never stop ascending.

*Oh, and I would add, how we climb is really important. That's the lens thing.

Personally, I like to climb with the lens that sees the world and everyone and everything in it as nothing short of a miracle from God. 

You get to choose your lens. ;-)

I invite you to climb with me anytime. 

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