Climb The Mountain

#anger management tips #applied spirituality #happiness tips #health psychology #mental health tips #religious tips #spirituality in life #tolerance for others Jun 08, 2023

Climb the Mountain?

Really, Ray? 

I'm not a Mountain Climber! 

Yes, you are... It's not the kind of mountain you may be thinking about!

It's a journey of discovery, growth, non-judgment, acceptance, tolerance, and yes, celebration.

Oftentimes we make a choice in our life and go a certain way. We think that ALL PEOPLE should go this way and sometimes, yes, sometimes we are adamant about the path OTHERS are taking.

However, if we agree that the goal is to grow, evolve, and get up the mountain, as long as we continue to grow, change, evolve, and get better, maybe the path we take may not be the same as someone else, but if we're getting up the mountain, it may be okay for others to take a different path.

Take a listen and see if this doesn't resonate.

Oh, forgive the duplicate intro... I goofed! Lol.

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