Being a Baby is A Good Thing? You bet!

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Before you click off and decided to not read much this sentence, I would ask for your patience and give it fifteen seconds of reading! If that doesn’t keep through the end of the short, little post, go ahead and click off! :-)
But, babies are fascinating in so many ways that apply to us as adults.

What do you mean, Ray? How are they like us?

Here are three quick similarities off the top of my head.

  1. Well, some of us, depending on our age and health, wear diapers.
  2. Some of us, depending on if we had too much alcohol, babble and drool like a baby.
  3. Like babies, some of us pout and cry when we don’t get what we want.

However, that isn’t the focus of this article.  :-)

 In fact, I would like to give you a few things of things to consider that we as adults can learn from and consider practicing - just like babies.

No filters, no image to protect, no poor self-esteem.

 Babies are so awesome in that they haven’t become socially aware of what society thinks they should or shouldn't do. In that regard, they give you the honest experience of whatever is that they are involved with. If they find something funny, they laugh and it is not a socially conscious laugh that is appropriate for the environment.

They don’t consider the environment in that regard.

They laugh from the pure joy they’re experiencing in the moment. They don’t think about if it's cool or not, if it’s funny to them they laugh.

Babies are naturally curious.

I am not sure what happens to some people but so many lose that sense of curiosity. Maybe it is because they are so consumed with their very busy life, and it’s true that most people are doing so many things and have so many ways to engage in life that they just are fully engaged in living a very full, busy, and stressful life. You put something in front of a baby, and they will pick it up, examine, and because they are amazing, they’ll stick it in their mouth. NOT that I’m advocating that part though… They are fascinated by things that we as adults aren’t. 

Now you can say that is because we have become familiar with so many things that we have a knowledge base that allows us to… lose curiosity? Hmm… That doesn’t quite sound right. I stand by that we could do better by looking for things that we don’t know and engaging our curiosity more like babies.

The last thing that some may or may not know is that babies have a unique intelligence when it comes to dietary balance.

There have been studies in which babies are given a wide choice of foods and while some choices are very strange (like only eating butter!), in the end, researchers found that the babies selected a perfect balance of macronutrients from the food choices!

How many of us make that wise a choice when it comes to what we put in our mouths?

Exactly. Not many.

I will end this by saying that while I am glad I am NOT a baby anymore, there are definitely some things that babies do that we as adults might try and emulate a bit more. I, for one, could stand a world that was spontaneous, authentic, curious, and wise… like babies.

I guess I want the best of both worlds - babies, and adults.

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