A Unique Challenge For Self Esteem

#depression killer #health challenge #self esteem challenge #self esteem tips #family mental health tips #successful executive #executive mindset tool Jan 03, 2023

In this particular short video, I offer you a challenge that you may think is easy. 

In fact, it is not.

I've had ONE person in SEVERAL THOUSAND complete it. 

The interesting thing is it is not a physical challenge that will in any way fatigue you or takes a lot of time.

Regardless, most of you who watch this will come up with some kind of reason NOT to do this. 

The sad thing is that IF you were to do this, your life would change. You may not think so, but it would. It is one of the exercises I give EVERY EXECUTIVE  that I have ever worked with because if they want both PERSONAL as well as PROFESSIONAL SUCCESS, this quality is one of if not THE most important tools you would need to have.

You see, the problem is way, way, way down deep people just don't think enough about themselves in the most healthy of ways. In some ways, maybe. But in all the ways that count, nope.

Catch the video and whether or not you would benefit from this in your professional or personal life, give the challenge a try.

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