A Peanut Is Like Us?

Dec 05, 2022

A Peanut?

A video message about how a peanut is like us? Really?


So many of us are like an actual SHELLED peanut in that we have a thicker, protective coating around us - and for a lot of us, deservedly so as we've endured painful life experiences and we need something that can protect us.


However, what is the magic about ALL OF US is that underneath the hard exterior are some amazing things that allow us to love, think, process, engage, help, and be compassionate to one another. 


Don't think being like a peanut is a bad thing - it's not. 

Be aware of the need to protect yourself but also be willing to show the incredible depth that lies underneath. 


We all have been hurt.

We all have been lied to.

We all have been treated poorly at times.


It doesn't mean that we have to treat others poorly. It means that we guard our hearts but look for those souls that will engage, empower, and inspire us. In that way, like the peanut, we can show that underneath the shell is something incredible!

So, go be a peanut!

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