A Walk In The Park With God

If you could take a walk in the park and talk to God, what would you ask?

A Walk In The Park With God is a fascinating book that takes a different view of religion and spirituality.

Instead getting inspiration from a church or minister, the book takes the reader on a ride in which God shows up in the park and begins a conversation like no other.

What starts out in disbelief becomes an intimate look inside one man's fears, hopes, and dreams when it comes to having a sense of The Divine Creator.

"I loved writing this book as it helped me so much at a particular time in my life." - Ray Faulkenberry, Ph.D. and Author

I Want This Book

Questions and topics that many of us have asked that include:

  • Mistakes - Why we need them and have them 

  • Regret and Forgiveness

  • Freedom or the lack thereof

  • The Paths we take in life and why

  • Our pets and the roles they play

  • Joy and remembering the child within



Sensitive Subjects that include:

  • Sexuality and the role that it plays in our lives

  • Profanity, language, and what is 'good communication.'

  • The nature of reality

  • The suffering in the world and why

  • Our role in fixing the world

  • Our 'enemies'


Okay, I'm READY!

L. Medja

As soon as I started reading this book - I was hooked. All of the questions he asks God are similar questions that I would ask. It really made me think about our connection to other people and the world. One of the best books on spirituality!

Stephanie D.

By far one of the most unique books I have read in a while. Completely out of the ordinary and an easy read. Definitely something someone would enjoy if they were looking for some enlightenment in there life. If you ever wanted to talk to God, this is your book!

A. Barton

The writing really makes me feel like someone eaves dropping on a private conversation and the details really help with the immersion. I found myself highlighting multiple little lessons to keep in mind on my own journey.

A Walk In the Park With God


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