Struggling To Find The Inspiration And Answers To Make Your Business Rock?

Learn the FORGOTTEN SECRETS OF BUSINESS principles through an exciting narrative that you can IMMEDIATELY apply. 

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Did you know that virtually ZERO CEOs learned how to engage, inspire, attract, and DEVELOP the right people to take their business to the highest potential?

Come be entertained, inspired, and motivated to achieve the highest success in your business and your career possible.

A great book for people wanting to build a successful business without reading a boring 'How-To' manual.


 Some people can change the life and trajectory of another. 

This is one of those stories.


Sometimes What You Need ISN'T In A "How To" Book

Learn the formula to becoming inspired and successful

  • T.R. Cummings is struggling to find his view of success. He's a psychology professor but teaches entrepreneurialism and longs for his own venture.
  • Enter William Chiron, a mystical colleague who sets T.R. on a series of adventures to discover what is true business success and how you get it. 
  • T.R. learns the Forgotten Secrets of Business through a series of field trips to the most unlikely places.
  • Business success, when done from its highest potential, is a living, breathing entity that is built through creativity, collaboration, and joy. 
  • Come and share in the story that is all of us waiting to be born. 

Yes, It Really Is Possible!

In The Forgotten Secrets of Business, you'll find yourself living through the main character - and that is the plan!


After Reading This Book If You Were On The Fence About Chasing Your Dream…

  • Come learn about Business Leadership while being captivated.
  • Discover how valuing and enhancing others is your Golden Ticket!
  • the BEST business environments are built strategically and from the heart.
  • You'll realize that you too are T.R. Cummings and you'll want to get started on YOUR dream.





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The Best Stories Can Also Give You The Best Insight, Inspiration, and Information! 

This short but inspiring story takes one man on a journey that many of us want to take. All of our career paths have many forks in the road. Are you looking out for the signs that tell you where to go?  You’ll learn:

  • What ULTIMATE Business success is built on.
  • What do OTHER people have to do with your career success? 
  • Learn the KEY to creating a healthy business environment which is paramount to success.

Ride along with T.R. as he struggles and ultimately triumphs as he discovers the Forgotten Secrets Of Business that change his life - and can change yours!

This Book Is For You If...

  • You are looking for more in life and your career
  • You are ready to be inspired and entertained
  • You love GAINING KNOWLEDGE while being captivated and engaged
  • You dream of business success done your way 

I'm Ray Faulkenberry

Before I graduated with my doctorate, I went into business for myself. I didn't know much about business, but I knew that I loved people, loved business, and loved the idea of success.


Because success breeds success - And not just financial success. You see, financial success means very little if you're not happy in the process.

What process?

The process of living, growing, and building a better you. This short narrative is a story of one man's journey into the process. 

If you like learning WHILE being engaged and caught up in a wonderful story, I think you'll like the book. Read it, if you will, and get back to me. I'd love to see where you're going now that you've read it. 

Besides, I may have a few ideas that can help!

"The Forgotten Secrets Of Business is more than one of the best business books/stories out there - it is an incredible story and it has so much wisdom that every person needs to read!"

- T. Kellin

"I wish every person who owned a business used The Forgotten Secrets in establishing their business. The world would be a much better place if people grew and managed their businesses based on these principles!" 

- V. Page

I so identified with T.R. in the book. He's me and so many others. I will give this book to my boss but I am going to look to start my own new business, my own dream, and my own success and I'll use The Forgotten Secrets to do it!"

- M. Ahrens



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