Forgotten Secrets Of An Evolving Society



How Do Advanced Societies Act?

Follow Along On This Fascinating Story As One Man Searches Through CURRENT EVENTS in the world to better identify how we as a species Evolve And Thrive!


Real transformation takes time, but what needs to be transformed?

Follow along with T.R. and Bill as they set off on an adventure to discover what AREAS in our world need to be 'dialed in' in order for societies to flourish. You'll discover:

  • Powerful Educational Principles, Tools, And Concepts
  • The Power And Importance Of ACCURATE News versus FAKE News 
  • The Danger Of A Dishonest and Corrupt Political System and How We Discern Right From Wrong
  • The Incredible Importance Of Freedom Of Speech And Basic Human Rights


I Want To Read This Book!

Meet the mind behind The Forgotten Secrets Of An Evolving Society

Ray Faulkenberry, Ph.D.

As a psychology professor and ordained Interfaith Minister, Ray looks at the topics in the book from a perspective of empathy and compassion and looks to help people learn by not being lectured to, but by going on an exciting journey full of thought-provoking questions.

Join him as he takes on The Media, The Education System, Politics, and our Basic Freedoms through an exciting story in The Forgotten Secrets Series.

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I’ve followed Ray for years and have LOVED everything he's ever written. This book hits the nail right on the head as we have to clean up our system in so many ways. Education, Media, Politics, and our Freedoms are so important! In this new adventure, he outlines the problems and provides wonderful thoughts of what we can do to make our planet so much healthier in all ways! A GREAT READ!

Lexi. D


I Want The Book