Struggling To Create The Leaders You Need?

Learn the strategies top researchers identified for building leaders for the 21st century.

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Did you know that 83% of businesses say it is important to develop leaders at ALL LEVELS? 

Take YOURSELF and OTHERS and learn how to lead in all facets of your PERSONAL and PROFESSIONAL lives. 

Click on the video below and listen and Ray explains the Call Of The Soul's (COTS) Leadership Program.


You Can Create Leaders To Change The World 

Learn the concepts, ideas, and mindsets to building leaders and use them to:

  • Create dynamic, engaged, motivated, and productive employees.
  • Take charge of all aspects of their professional and personal lives. 
  • Build a legacy of what it means to fully develop people.  
  • Create a living example of how leadership affects EVERY aspect of one's life. 
  • Develop your own leadership skills to radically shift your own life. 

Yes, It Really Is Possible!

Using The Call Of The Soul's Leadership Model, you’ll learn how to take control of your future.

In The Next 6 Months, You Could…

  • Put yourself on a new professional trajectory
  • Have taken charge of ALL aspects of your life
  • Be growing in ways that you never thought possible as no area is off limits. 

The right LEADERSHIP MINDSET can make all the difference.

We’ll cover it all in The Call Of The Soul's Leadership Training.


Some Scary Statistics

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  • 60% of leaders reported feeling worn out at the end of each day.
  • 55% of CEOs state that developing the next generation of leaders is a top challenge.
  • A staggering 79% of employees will quit after receiving inadequate appreciation from their managers.
  • 69% of Millennials are concerned that their workplace does not develop their leadership skills.
  • In business, 83% of companies say developing leaders is crucial.
  • The number of women on boards of directors is only 15%

It is time that INDIVIDUALS and BUSINESSES step up to develop new leaders. College DOES NOT come close in this area. 

What's Included In The Call Of The Soul's Leadership Training...


Understanding the Value of COTS Leadership

Your comprehension of how and why The Call Of The Soul's (COTS) Leadership is fundamental to your success. This includes:

  • Good Leadership - What it looks like in the real world. 
  • What are the COTS characteristics of Great Leadership
  • Examples of Great Leadership 

You’ll finish this module with a complete picture of what makes up the COTS version of Great Leadership.


Developing The Skills

With your basic comprehension of the COTS Leadership in place, the next step is to build the necessary skills to implement your new Leadership. You’ll learn:

  • Advanced communication skills
  • The "magic" of redirection
  • The best place to lead and how to keep it growing

You’ll finish this module with the tools to develop and grow your AND others' leadership skills.


Implementing The Leadership Plan

The secret to building LEADERSHIP is to have a plan and then execute it. You'll develop:

  • How to customize Leadership to fit your need 
  • Create the steps necessary to implement the plan. 
  • Develop a strategy to continue to grow in your personal leadership while fostering others' leadership growth.

You’ll finish this module with a clear plan of what to do in order to LEAD in all aspects of your life.

COTS Leadership Training Is For You If...

  • You need to develop leaders in your company
  • You aren’t getting the quality of employees you want or need
  • You know the world needs BETTER leaders
  • It's part of you wanting to be a model AND leave a legacy for your children

I'm Ray Faulkenberry

After finishing my doctorate in psychology, I started my own business AND started working in the field. I realized right away how little people knew about developing the leaders that we needed in order to not only elevate the planet but heal it in many ways.

I found it fascinating that not only were most CEOs NOT trained in leadership, they honestly weren't trained in how to develop their employees to their highest potential. College DOES NOT train CEOs to adequately develop their employees.

COTS Leadership training is designed to create leaders in ALL aspects of their lives - both personally and professionally.

"I took Ray's training, and wow, it changed my life. He is a phenomenal teacher, and also just a phenomenal human being. I want to take it again now!"

- B. Barnes

"I LOVED this training! Ray keeps it moving fast with stories, demonstrations, and exercises so you will KNOW the material! It was the most fun in a class/training I've ever had!"

- M. Shabibi

Consider The Impact

The Call Of The Soul's Leadership Training is not just for CEOs. It is for EVERYONE who wants to lead in a way that takes them to new levels in every area of their life. 

The world BADLY NEEDS a new breed of leader that is self-aware, confident, growing, and willing to make others around them the best they can be.


*Your support goes to help The Call Of The Soul's mission. Our 501(C)(3)'s mission is to help elevate the planet in the areas of business, education, and families.

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